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This interface will serve Prometheus metrics from /metrics. The following metrics are included by default, others are transform specific.

NameLabelsData typeDescription
shotover_transform_totaltransformcounterCounts the amount of times the transform is used
shotover_transform_failurestransformcounterCounts the amount of times the transform fails
shotover_transform_latencytransformhistogramThe latency for running transform
shotover_chain_totalchaincounterCounts the amount of times chain is used
shotover_chain_failureschaincounterCounts the amount of times chain fails
shotover_chain_latencychainhistogramThe latency for running chain
shotover_available_connectionssourcegaugeThe number of connections currently connected to source

Metric data types


A single value, which can only be incremented, not decremented. Starts out with an initial value of zero.


Measures the distribution of values for a set of measurements and starts with no initial values.


A single value that can increment or decrement over time. Starts out with an initial value of zero.

Log levels and filters

You can configure log levels and filters at /filter. This can be done by a POST HTTP request to the /filter endpoint with the env_filter string set as the POST data. For example:

curl -X PUT -d 'info,shotover_proxy=info'